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About us

Audit company "Ukrainian Audit" has been established in April 2000. We have been working for 11+ years on Ukrainian market. We provide consulting services, audit and complete accounting services for companies and person-businessmans, legal & tax consulting, training and verification of HR, supporting of 1C accounting.

Our staff-members have a great experience in setting up all the types of business processes and services in accounting, tax and management spheres from the ordinary managers to the TOP managers of large Ukrainian companies such as “Telenedelya”, “Tehnoyarmarok”, “Tehnopolis”. “Illichevskiy port” and others. Our expertise lets our team to provide effective solutions for consulting taskssetting up accounting & documents circulations, serve audit, legal & outsourcing services.

Our mission is to provide professional solutions, quality & no-risk services for your business.

We take care of you, when you turned on and off the work. We assist your business in future growing. We follow Competence, Quality & Expertise principles.

Our expertise background is confirmed by insurance guarantee of professional responsibility by insurance company “European Insurance Alliance” in agreement to #1034559 from 19.03.2012.

Our reliability is also confirmed by the fact that our staff-members are copartners in Ukrainian Audit. That is suggest a high responsibility for the quality of our services for each customer.

We have 11+years of experience in renewal and everyday support of accounting tasks for our customers. We are happy to provide an individual service for all of our customers, the old ones and the new ones.

Each business has its individual specific. This is why accounting services are provided with documents circulations support for company. We also offer analysis options for setting up optimum tax system, salary calculations, internal standards & instructions, reporting and other services.

We offer remote accounting & outsourcing as well as set up remote access to your system through Internet. From our side we assist in providing best solution for your business.

We value each of our customer. Your growing is our growing! Your success is our success!